Artas Hair Transplants Robot FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

When considering all the possible surgical hair restoration options, many men overlook the significance of robotic hair restoration treatments like the Artas Hair Transplant Procedure. Specifically, they overlook the Artas Hair Transplant System, which can provide men with realistic, natural, and permanent results.

This robot hair transplant is the newest and safest robotic method for hair restoration and more and more surgeons are seeking certification to be able to offer this procedure. The Artas Hair Transplant Procedure is a simple, outpatient surgery that can take place in one sitting. Here is a quick overview of how the procedure works:

artas hair transplant

artas hair transplant

  • During an initial consultation with your surgeon about the Artas Hair Transplant Procedure, you and they will determine the best hairline design for you. It is important to your surgeon that your hairline look as natural as possible after the robot hair transplant, while also complementing your facial features.
  • After the initial consultation, you will schedule your appointment for the Artas Hair Transplant. During the procedure, the hair at the donor area will be trimmed down so that Artas’ digital mapping system will be able to accurately map the location of your hair follicles for harvesting.
  • The hair follicles harvested by the Robot Hair Transplant System are then grafted onto the portion of your scalp that has been determined by your surgeon.
  • Within one week, all swelling from the robot hair transplant will be gone and your new hair follicles will begin growing as normal. Patients who have received Artas Hair Restoration report seeing improvements to the look and feel of their hair after just six months. Nine months after the procedure, you can expect to see a full head of hair that will last for the rest of your life. Because it is your own hair, you can cut and style it however you like and it will grow normally after the Artas Hair Transplant Procedure.

Hair loss is something that no man wants to have to deal with, but ignoring the surgical options, like the Artas Robotic Hair Restoration System, is a mistake. This scarless, virtually painless procedure is a viable option for any man experiencing hair loss. Consult Anagen Hair today regarding the Artas hair transplant!