Artas Robotic System Hair Restoration Procedure Harvest Your Hair

If you are dealing with hair loss, you may have already considered surgical options. However, if you have not already researched the Artas Robotic System for hair restoration, then you are missing out on what is probably the safest, easiest, and best method for surgical hair restoration.

The Artas Robotic System

Artas Robotic Hair Restoration is the newest method for surgical hair restoration. Artas hair restoration involves a complex digital mapping system that ensures the most natural looking results available. Your surgeon can explain more about the specifics, but this article will give you a general overview of how Artas Hair Restoration can change your life.

Artas Hair Restoration

Artas Hair Restoration

How Does Artas Hair Restoration Work?

  • In this technique, the donor area (typically at the back of your head) is trimmed down so that the robot can accurately map the placement of your hair follicles. When the mapping procedure is complete, your surgeon will apply a local anesthetic that guarantees a painless Artas robotic hair restoration experience.
  • The Artas Robotic System will then harvest your hair from the donor area in a manner that will leave the back of the head looking as full as ever. After the removal process is complete, the Artas robotic system will transplant the follicles into the area that your surgeon has determined will give you the most natural looking results.
  • Within one week, the donor area of your head will look just as it did before the surgery. The transplant area will also look exactly as it did before surgery. Within six months after the Artas hair restoration procedure, however, patients will see marked improvements in the look of their hair. By the nine-month mark, you can expect a healthy head of hair that can last a lifetime from the Artas Robotic Hair Restoration procedure.

If you are a man dealing with the horrors of hair loss, you deserve to know all of your options. The Artas Robotic Hair Restoration System is a state of the art system for safe, easy, and scarless hair restoration. If you are looking for a permanent solution to your hair loss, talk to Anagen Hair today!