Hair Transplants Virginia Beach FUE Hair Loss Treatment In Virginia Beach VA

Millions of American men deal with balding or hair loss each and every year. Hair loss can be caused by any number of things, including genetic disorders, stress, and even hormone imbalances. In the past, men seeking hair loss treatment in Virginia Beach were told that their only options were cosmetic gimmicks, like toupees or hair powders or even lifelong prescriptions for drugs with horrifying side effects.

A New Virginia Beach Hair Transplant

The good news for men seeking a permanent answer to their hair loss is the new Virginia Beach Hair Transplant system. A trained surgical team will use the best in innovative robotic technology to ensure that your hair loss treatment in Virginia Beach is permanent. In fact, most men can permanently undo the damage caused by hair loss in just one treatment.

Great! How Does This Hair Loss Treatment Virginia Beach Work?

This method of hair loss treatment in Virginia Beach is simple, really. First, you meet with your surgeon to design a new hairline that will look best with your existing facial features. Then, you will schedule the procedure itself.

During virtually painless hair transplants in Virginia Beach procedure, your doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the donor area as well as the transplant site. Then, using the most cutting edge robotic tools, he or she will harvest the hair from the donor area. Almost immediately after the individual follicles are harvested, they will be placed at the transplant site. This means that you will lose very few follicles during hair transplants in Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach hair transplant should not take very long at all and you should be able to go back to work the very next day. As an added bonus, no one should be able to tell that you have had the procedure done. In less than a year, you will be combing, washing, and styling a full head of natural hair. Because of hair transplants in Virginia Beach leaves behind no surgical scars, your friends and family never have to know that you had a transplant.

If you have spent years suffering from baldness or hair loss, the wait is over! Schedule a Virginia Beach Hair Transplant Consultation with Anagen Hair today!