“As a Chief Operating Officer who services Fortune 500 clientele on a daily basis, I know that the image of my company starts with me, so when my hair loss began I knew I needed to act fast and find the best person to help me. I soon became concerned that was not possible, but then I found the NeoGraft system and Mr. Harris.
“From the initial consultation with Mr. Harris, I knew I was in first class care. Having a jammed schedule and a phone attached to my hip - or better yet, my ear - 18 hours a day, I thought there was no way anyone could accommodate my needs. Not only did Mr. Harris and his team meet my scheduling needs, however, but they did so within a 48 hour window and made a rush trip from DC to Chicago without hesitation. During the process, I was not only treated to complete VIP service, but I was also able to balance my busy work life and handle a few e-mails throughout the day. From start to finish, the process was fairly pain free.
“Mr. Harris was a true professional throughout every step of the way. He never once tried to go too fast, he stopped to thoroughly answer every question I had, and he pushed his flight two times just to ensure 100% satisfaction on my part. I cannot remember the last time I experienced service like this in my life or career. As for the process, I had 1500 grafts placed, and I handled a car ride home three hours after completion. I was able to wake up normally the next day and complete work as usual. I cannot believe how quickly I am already healing after just 24 hours. Now it is just a matter of time before I have a full head of hair again, and most importantly, there won’t be any scarring.
“You’re reading this testimony for a reason, and that reason is likely because you are looking for reassurance. Trust me; this is the best and only service you should even consider for hair replacement. Don’t sell yourself short. Treat yourself to what you deserve - the best of the best! Thank you Al-Tariq for changing my life; you’re the best!”


John B. Burchert, Chief Operating Officer