Robotic Hair Transplant Restoration Robot Hair Transplant

When it comes to hair loss anywhere on your head or body, there are many solutions available. You can try a toupee or other cosmetic answer, or you could seek out a more permanent solution: FUE surgical hair restoration. However, many men shy away from seeking out a surgical hair restoration option because they erroneously believe two things:

  • That the hair transplantation process will be incredibly painful and require them to miss work for days or weeks.
  • That the surgery will leave them with a number of permanent scars that they will have to conceal.

The answer to both of these issues is using the advanced, scarless robotic hair transplant method. Furthermore, robotic hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure that causes very little pain – certainly not enough pain to require the patient to miss days or weeks of work during recovery.

Robotic hair restoration is an option for any man who is seeking surgical hair replacement. For those who are considering a robot hair transplant, here is a comprehensive list of advantages to this technique.

  • Robotic hair transplants are the most precise method by which you can harvest and transplant individual hair follicles from donor follicles. Because the robotic hair transplant machines are so precise, there is almost no risk of scarring. After all, smaller incision margins means a smaller risk of scarring.
  • Robotic hair restoration methods have a very small recovery time associated with them. Again, this is due to the precision involved in the transplant. By eliminating unnecessary cutting with robotic hair restoration, the patient feels less pain during and immediately after the procedure. As a result, the necessary recovery time from robotic hair restoration is much smaller.robotic-hair-transplant

Robotic hair transplant is a great option for any man experiencing hair loss. Most particularly, this premier surgical method is an ideal option for any man who wishes to avoid dealing with debilitating scars or lengthy recovery times.

If you are considering surgical hair restoration, consult Anagen Hair Restoration who can help you determine whether or not a robotic hair transplant is the right option for you.