The Average Cost of FUE Hair Transplants

FUE hair transplant, also known as follicular unit extraction involves the removal of healthy hair follicles right from the scalp. Once the hair has been removed, it is then grafted one by one on the part of the head where there is  bald.


Reasons Why You Need FUE Hair Transplants

Generally, most people who choose the FUE hair transplant method do so because they want to get rid of baldness. Essentially, the elements of this type of transplant are quite similar to any other earlier approaches. Hair is uprooted from one part of your body and then implanted in another. However, the follicular unit extraction approach is more effective because it provides for a more natural looking appearance.


The follicular unit extraction approach also means less pain and the downtime is drastically reduced. While the time it takes to heal depends on the type of skin you have, in most cases, healing takes place after a few days. In four or five days, the redness also disappears. The advantage with this type of hair transplant is that your normal life is never disrupted.


What the Process Involves

The process of FUE hair transplant is not similar to other transplants. In most transplants, huge portions of skin are taken out and then implanted in another place. In this process the person’s hair is extracted from the sides and the back of the head. The removed hair is then grafted into the parts where the individual is balding. The advantage of such hair plants is that they are resistant to the hormone that brings about male baldness. After the process of transplanting is complete, the hair becomes a permanent feature.


The Costs and Time Factors in FUE Hair Transplant

Ordinarily, that involves the FUE hair transplants takes about eight hours. Within ten months,the hair transplant achieves a ninety percent uptake. In most cases, the procedure is not painful, although patients describe it as an uncomfortable experience. Because the entire process takes longer, most patients can easily get bored and uncomfortable. Another major advantage of this process of hair grafting is that you will not be left with any linear scars. Conventional approaches to hair transplants take seven to ten days and require several thousand grafts per period. FUE hair transplants take eight hours and most surgeons will charge $4 to $5 per graft. This makes the charges for the entire process amount to about five thousand to thirteen thousand. The charges depend on the number of grafts done. FUE Hair Transplant Cost can vary depending on the city and the region where you are based. Most people will get more hair

Plants than they actually paid for. Most hair surgeons are of the opinion that this is the best approach for patients who want it done in one appointment. They are also of the opinion that for a complete repair and revision of the balding process, it is advisable to have the implant done in one session. however, the transplant can be done.

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