Al-Tariq Harris:

Hair Restoration Consultant, Surgical Technician, and Founder
B.S. in Health Sciences; Howard University

"We strive to provide only the best results possible for patients and physicians alike. We will never recommend a patient for a procedure that is not suited for him or her. Likewise, we will continue to provide the most qualified and well trained surgical staff to assist our physicians."

As an experienced surgical technician, Al-Tariq has worked with some of the best hair restoration physicians in the country. Unfortunately, he has also seen some of the worst that the industry has to offer. After witnessing illegal sales tactics and unethical behavior amongst some practitioners, and seeing the false advertising on many over-the-counter solutions, Al-Tariq Harris founded Anagen Hair Restoration in 2010 with a goal of helping patients make the right choice.

Al-Tariq recognizes that, for patients, choosing a reputable physician and the right procedure is undoubtedly the most crucial decision in the entire process and thus created a trusted and verified network of only the best and most qualified dermatologists, surgeons and surgical technicians. Al-Tariq’s unique, unbiased process in which patients meet with an independent consultant in order to determine the type of procedure that is best suited for their unique needs provides patients and practitioners a win-win situation. After an initial consultation, the patient is referred to the best-fitted qualified practitioner. The result has been tremendous as many satisfied patients have not only noticed an improvement in their appearance and self-confidence but also in their over-all emotional well-being after receiving treatments.