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There are many potential causes of your female hair loss. Including medical conditions, medications, and physical or emotional stress. We’ll help you understand the causes of your particular hair loss concerns to get you the best possible treatment tailored to your needs.

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Although hair loss may seem like a predominantly male problem, women are nearly just as likely to lose, or have thinning, hair. Most women notice it in their 50’s or 60’s, but it can happen at any age and for a variety of reasons.

female hair loss

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Female Hair Loss

The most common culprit of hair thinning in both men and women is genetics. Androgenic Alopecia is the term used for hereditary female hair loss. You’re more likely to have it if your grandmother, mother or aunts have thinning hair. Genetic hair loss in women generally begins to manifest around 50-70 years old. Hair follicles are sensitive to hormonal changes, particularly estrogen and male sex hormones during this time. 

Many women first notice hair loss during menopause. Up until Menopause the DHT hormone in women is counteracted by estrogen. The estrogen levels in women drop at menopause, leaving your hair follicles open to the effects of DHT. Hair loss in women is observed by marked thinning of hair across the scalp, very unlike men. It is very rare to see complete bald spots at the crown in women.

Another common cause of your female hair loss may be traction. Traction is caused by prolonged or excessive pulling on your hair follicles. This type of balding is commonly caused by hairstyles like braids or ponytails.


Currently there are 4 different scales with which we measure hair loss in women. They were created by different doctors (Ludwig scale, Olsen scale, Ebling-Roock scale, and Savin scale). Of these, the Savin scale is the most popular due to its details as a method to measure hair loss in women.

The first image (class 1) shows an image of a woman without hair loss. Images 2 – 4 (marked as classes 2, 3, and 4) indicate a progressive loss of hair along the midline of the scalp. Classes 5 and 6 show a diffuse and extensive hair loss but with a bit of hair surviving in these areas.

The image marked as complete represents a woman with extensive hair loss and little or no hair in the area affected by alopecia. Very few women reach this degree of baldness. If they do it’s because they have some organic cause which justifies it, generally an excessive production of androgenetic hormones.

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