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Your hair may not be the only place that requires transplants. To learn more about beard transplants, read below.

Hello, Handsome

Growing a beard for some men isn’t as easy as just avoiding the razor. In fact, many men struggle with patchy facial hair instead of a stylish beard. This is because stubble doesn’t always grow uniformly on the face. You may have even inherited a gene that makes any type of beard growth virtually impossible. But, just like having a hair transplant to tackle a receding hairline, you can also try a beard transplant if your facial hair isn’t cooperating.

You’re not alone

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplants have existed for awhile now, but they’re more effective than ever. Facial hair implants are typically performed using either FUE or FUT hair restoration surgery. If you elect FUE surgery, the transplanted hair typically comes from the back of your scalp. This is primarily due to the fact that that’s where your hair is the thickest and resembles that of the beard. Depending on your hair type and cosmetic goals, FUT surgery may be used. Facial hair implants typically do not require a lengthy recovery. And they produce long-lasting results. We take the transplanted hairs from the back of the scalp, which is an area that is genetically programmed to resist balding. The resulting transplanted facial hairs will have the same growth behavior and will be less likely to thin out.

beard transplant in DC

Interested in a beard transplant? Your first step is to be schedule an initial consultation with our hair specialist. Our services are free of charge. They’re designed to ensure that you are connected with the physician who best meets your medical needs. A FUE hair transplant in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia is an outpatient procedure, but it is still a surgical one and should be handled by a team that you trust.

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There are many similarities between both male and female hair loss, however the primary concerns and common procedures can vary greatly. For more information from Anagen Hair Restoration about the different types of hair loss, schedule your consultation with us or give us a call today at (301) 591-6552.