Neograft Hair Transplant Automated Hair Transplant System Neograft

When you are considering your surgical hair transplant options, there are many technological innovations that you should discuss with your hair transplant surgical team. One incredibly innovative option is the Neograft Hair Transplant System.

Neograft Hair Transplants are the latest in a long line of robotic hair transplant methods. The Neograft Hair robot uses the latest in robotic innovation to perform a transplant that is nearly painless, entirely scarless, and requires no surgical incisions of any type.

Who Uses Neograft Hair?

Plastic surgeons who would like to use the Neograft Hair Transplant machines are able to take a number of certification courses that will guarantee that they are able to safely and effectively use the machine. The Neograft Hair Machine is a tool like any other and it requires a trained surgical team to be used effectively. Still, this innovative piece of machinery makes the follicular unit extraction process easy and nearly painless.

Why Should You Choose the Neograft Hair Transplant System?

The Neograft Hair Transplant Robot is one of the only systems that can guarantee you a surgical transplant without any incisions, through the Neograft Hair Transplant System. Everything is laser guided and can be performed as an outpatient procedure. In fact, most patients report that they were able to return to work the very next day! Because there are no surgical incisions, there is virtually no risk of scarring.

Beyond the obvious benefits of a scarless procedure, Neograft is also able to provide a greater percentage of success when it comes to harvesting follicles. In the past, it was common to expect a huge number of harvested follicles to die during the transplantation process. With this system, more hair follicles will survive the transplantation process, which means that your successful hair restoration will require a smaller number of harvest follicles.

Neograft Hair Transplant Automated Hair Transplant System Neograft

If you are considering surgical hair restoration, or Neograft cost you deserve to have a Neograft Hair Restoration. Contact your Anagen Hair today! They will schedule you for an initial consultation where you can discuss how this remarkable surgical system will change your life and head of hair.