Hair Science

There are many causes for hair loss: genetics, stress, medications, skin disorders, aging, and hormonal imbalances are a few factors that can contribute to hair loss. Hair loss becomes a problem when the hairline begins to recede or when balding areas begin to appear on the scalp.

Genetic hair loss affects both men and women. Hair loss genes may skip generations and can be inherited by some family members without affecting other members of the same family.

Thinning and/or balding are frequently observed in people of both genders, but hair loss doesn't appear the same way in everyone. The first step to charting a treatment plan is to recognize the type of hair loss. At Anagen, we will help you understand your hair loss patterns and develop a program most suited to your unique situation.

Continue reading the descriptions below to understand more about specific types of hair loss. 

Men's Hair Loss

Women's Hair Loss

Traction Alopecia and Cicatricial Alopecia