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6 reasons why you should choose FUE this 2024

If you’re part of the 85% of men or 40% of women dealing with hair loss, you know the impact it has on your life, affecting self-esteem, confidence, mood, and social interactions.

Our top choice to restore your hair is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. This surgical technique is the only permanent hair solution there is in the hair restoration industry. The method used harvests individual hair follicles, which promote a more natural-looking, and fuller hair growth.

Discover the key advantages of FUE:

1 – Scar-Free: Our system minimizes scarring, leaving virtually no visible marks.

2 – Painless: FUE involves minimal pain, with long-acting anesthetics ensuring comfort during the procedure.

3 – Better Results: FUE boasts a 90-95% graft survival rate, resulting in a fuller and thicker head of hair with less trauma to follicles.

4 – Lower Infection Risk: FUE significantly reduces the risk of infection, with less than 1% of patients experiencing any signs.

5 – No General Anesthesia: Our state-of-the-art office enables FUE procedures without general anesthesia, allowing you to return home and even drive yourself.

6 – Speedy Recovery: FUE ensures the fastest recovery, with a return to normal activities in one to two days. Follow post-treatment care instructions for optimal healing and hair growth.

7 – Same Day Procedure:  Start to finish the procedure Can take 6-8 hours depending on graft count. You are in and out ready for a transformative experience. 

Considering a hair transplant? Schedule an appointment with us today, online or over the phone, and explore the benefits of FUE.