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Female Pattern hair loss is real

Hair loss can be isolating, especially for women. Surprisingly, over half of US women will face noticeable hair loss or thinning. Honest Hair Restoration in Bradenton and Tampa, led by board-certified physician Martin Maag, MD, empathizes with the impact on women’s confidence.

The exact cause is complex, involving genetic traits, hormonal imbalances, and other factors. Androgens, or male hormones, play a role in FPHL, disrupting the hair cycle and affecting follicle health. Stress, diet, medications, and health conditions can also contribute.

Female Pattern hair loss signs are visible on the crown and part, and early intervention is crucial. This issue progresses over time, so seeking a hair-loss specialist early helps slow or halt it. Early treatment protects follicle health, making it easier to stimulate new hair growth. Addressing underlying issues, like hormonal imbalances, aids in preventing further loss.

We offer a personalized approach. Non-surgical options include PRP treatments or mesotherapy. For advanced thinning, surgical hair transplants using FUE ensure optimal results. FUE involves minimal scarring, with each follicle graft removed individually.

Don’t let hair loss define you. Seek a consultation early at Anagen Hair Transplants for tailored solutions and regain your confidence.